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Hoof Putty

Hoof Putty

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Helps support healing of white line, canker, thrush, center sulcus infections. Supports the growth of healthy hoof tissues. 

Draws out heat and infection.

Provides a long lasting barrier against infection in external hoof wall cracks, frog clefts, white line crevices. 

Helps relieve pain from bruising and/or abcesses.

Owners can apply as needed to the hoof to prevent infection or support healing. Farriers often apply under shoes and pads.

May apply to tissue above the hoof to prevent or treat scratches. Will not harm tissue above the hoof.


  • Apply to clean sole, pack into clefts of frog and center sulcus. 
    To harden/strengthen the hoof wall, apply to the external hoof wall, especially nail holes from shoes.
    Use gloves to apply. May be wrapped or left unwrapped.


  • Wyoming Bentonite, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dead Sea Salt, Pau D'Arco, Colloidal Silver, Gentian Violet 

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